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Parent Perspective: The ADHD Diagnosis

Something Is Off      I knew early on that something was off with my son.  I will call him "N" on my blog to protect his privacy.  N's speech was delayed as a baby/toddler and he didn't walk until he was 2 years old.  In his preschool years I knew that he had some type of learning disability. (Watch for a future post on this topic.)  Learning the alphabet was so difficult for him and I remember being puzzled that it was taking him so long to learn new things.  Following multi-step directions was extremely difficult for him, as was cleaning his room, and getting ready for the day.  I always had to help him get dressed by telling him what to do one step at a time.
ADHD? I never even considered that N had ADHD...he was a very calm child, not hyper-active at all.  He also had the ability to really hyper-focus on things that he was interested in.  He could build a train track for hours or sit and listen to books with no problem.  It wasn't until he was in kindergarten …

Welcome to the Learning Spark

I am a passionate kindergarten teacher and a very determined learner.  The past year has taken me on a wild ride as I have learned so many eye opening things about literacy and learning disabilities.   My learning journey continues and I hope you will join me as I share the discoveries I make along the way.